Detox Center in Sacramento Explains Self-Sabotage

While it’s true that the most powerful force driving you toward recovery comes from within, it’s equally true that the biggest obstacles you face can come from that same source. For a variety of reasons, it’s very common for people fighting addiction to (consciously or subconsciously) sabotage their own recovery. We caution people at our detox center in Sacramento to be on the lookout for their own self-destructive thought patterns.

Beating Your Toughest Opponent

Here are some mindsets and behaviors you need to conquer in order to be successful in recovery:

  • Self-pity. The “woe is me” attitude can be very paralyzing, as it sets things up as you versus the universe, and that’s a fight nobody ever wins. Instead of working hard at your recovery, you tend to feel hopeless and resentful, and you shut down, emotionally and physically.
  • The belief that unlike others who are weak, you have the strength to beat addiction whenever you decide to can be very harmful, as it keeps you from committing to recovery while you get ever closer to the edge of a major life catastrophe.
  • When you are in the grip of an addiction, you may find yourself working hard to hide your behavior. And this approach can spill over into the times that you’re not using. You just find it easier to be away from people. However, you’ll need people (counselors, family, friends, doctors, compassionate employers) to beat your addiction.
  • Negative self-talk. When you tell yourself over and over that you’ve brought your pain and misery on yourself and therefore aren’t entitled to any happiness, it makes it very hard to achieve wellness. The truth is, no matter what mistakes we’ve made, you deserve to be happy—and can be, if you put in the effort to heal.
  • “Stillness” phobia. When you first stop using, you find that you have an abundance of free time. That can lead to a feeling of being bored and wanting to do something to consume your idle hours. And, of course, an obvious choice to the addicted mind is to use.

These thought patterns can make it difficult or impossible to log progress in recovery. However, being aware of them can help you come up with strategies for defeating them and giving yourself the best possible chance of succeeding.

Helping You Stay Focused on Your Goal

At our detox programs in Sacramento, we work with people to identify and change their harmful mindsets, which helps clear the way for a more successful recovery. Give us a call to learn more about our programs.

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