Good News About Depression from a Drug Rehab Center in Sacramento

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The negative consequences of drug and alcohol addiction — isolation, helplessness, regrets, etc. — often result in the development or worsening of the symptoms of depression. However, we’re happy tell the people we work with at our drug rehab center in Sacramento that there is increasingly good news to report on the treatment of depression.

The Growing Bright Side of a Very Dark Condition

Here are some positive things to keep in mind if you suffer from depression:

  • Researchers and healthcare professionals understand it better than ever. While we certainly haven’t found a way to prevent or completely cure depression yet, we do know much more about it than we did just a decade ago. Ongoing research and advances in brain imaging are giving us more insight into what depression is and how it develops.
  • The amount of research being done is increasing. While it’s unfortunate that the number of people being diagnosed with depression continues to grow, the result is that it’s an illness that is getting increasing attention from everyone from healthcare providers to researchers to pharmaceutical companies.
  • The stigma is decreasing. People used to be very reluctant to talk about depression and other mental illnesses. But the increasing number of resources and personal stories available on the internet is helping to create a new openness about it.
  • Depression treatments are improving. From counseling techniques to new medications to brain stimulation, the options for treating depression are growing rapidly, as are the numbers of very successful treatment outcomes.
  • Addiction treatments are improving. With addiction and depression having such a powerful influence on one another, it’s good to know that the ways that we treat addiction are also improving, meaning it’s growing less likely that a substance abuse problem will spawn a mental health problem like depression.

Helping with the Many Challenges of Drug Addiction

It’s encouraging to learn that the outlook for people with a drug addiction, depression, or both is steadily improving. If you are considering getting help for your substance abuse problem, call our outpatient drug rehab in Sacramento today to find out about our programs and services.

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