10-Minute Tasks that Can Help You Stay Sober from a Sacramento Rehab

One of the first things you learn in working with a Sacramento rehab is that getting and staying sober requires much more than simply having the willpower to abstain from drinking when the urge hits you. You’ve got to have many strategies that you can use throughout your day to keep you on the right track.

Use Regular “Timeouts” to Support Your Recovery

Here are some things you can do in short 10-minute increments to help you follow the path to success:

  • Listen for 10 minutes. Addiction can make you very self-centered. Taking 10 minutes here and there to focus on listening intently to someone else — your spouse or child, a coworker, or even a total stranger — can be very helpful.
  • Savor an experience for 10 minutes. The smell of a hot cup of coffee… the feel of snowflakes falling on your face… the sound of your favorite music… immersing yourself in a healthy and pleasurable experience can help remind you of what’s truly important in your life.
  • Focus on taking care of yourself for 10 minutes. Slowly and deliberately washing your hair, shaving, or putting lotion on your dry skin can help you feel more grounded.
  • Learn a new skill for 10 minutes. Have you always wanted to paint? Play the guitar? Take great photos? Spending some time regularly on acquiring a new skill can be a great boost to your confidence as you begin to get more proficient.
  • Be active (and attentive) for 10 minutes. Often when we are walking, running, swimming, or riding a bike, our mind is a thousand miles away. Try exercising while being completely focused on the activity.
  • Pray or meditate for 10 minutes. People who are struggling with an alcohol addiction often let their spiritual practice slip away. Just a few minutes here and there can help you reconnect with whatever power it is that you believe in.
  • Be grateful for 10 minutes. Even in the darkest of times, there are things you can find to be thankful for. Thinking about those things can be a great source of strength and inspiration.

Recovery is Hard Work – Take 10!

At our Sacramento rehab we remind the people we work with that there are many strategies you can use to stay on the road to recovery. It’s amazing what a difference 10 minutes can make! To learn more about our programs, call us today.

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