New Dawn’s multidisciplinary staff collaborates on every treatment plan, and at every level of care. This holistic approach not only provides recovery tools from many different perspectives, but also ensures that the recovery process is a stable and consistent one. Please see the list of our staff categorized by either program or leadership.

Suzanne Pereira Phd, CADC II

Clinical Programs Director

Suzanne has extensive experience in the field of Substance Use Disorders. Over the course of thirty plus years she has served in such roles as a Counselor, Educator/Instructor, Program Supervisor, a treatment center Director, a Methadone Clinic Director and a Business Consultant. Each of these roles focused on helping individuals who were seeking help with a Substance Use Disorder and the families of those individuals.

Suzanne began her counseling career in 1985 at San Jose Hospital working with adolescents with co-occurring diagnoses involving both a substance dependency and a psychiatric diagnosis. Suzanne supervised Driving Under the Influence programs for approximately eight years, working her way up from a counselor/educator position. She left the DUI programs to become the Director of a 44-bed residential treatment program serving individuals with a substance use and psychiatric disorder.

As a consultant Suzanne developed workshops for couples who were court ordered to receive education and counseling for domestic violence charges. She also worked with females who needed to receive education and counseling based on domestic violence charges. The programs she developed were approved in Alameda County and met requirements for individuals who had been convicted of domestic violence. The groups were client centered and educational teaching individuals how to successfully communicate without violence.

Suzanne has been teaching classes for the University of Pacific’s Substance Abuse Certification program since 2009. She has taught both in the classroom and online for the University, teaching students who want to become Substance Abuse Counselors. She has taught, Counseling, Assessment, Treatment Planning, Co-occurring Disorders, Working with Criminal Justice Clients and Communicable Diseases for the University of the Pacific. Suzanne was an Instructor for InterCoast College in Sacramento, teaching the entire curriculum for individuals studying to become certified as Substance Use Disorder counselors. Additionally, she taught Psychology 101 for Kaplans Undergraduate Criminal Justice degree program.

Suzanne is a graduate of Antioch University where she received her B. A. in Psychology with a minor in marketing. She has a Master’s degree (M.A.) in Clinical Psychology and Social Work from Antioch University. While completing her Masters in Psychology she studied Somatic Psychology and was trained to observe and understand how movement and relationships impact a person’s life. Suzanne received her PhD from California Institute of Integral Studies in the Humanities from the School of Transformative Learning. Suzanne’s doctoral dissertation was published by VDM, “A Transformative Journey of Recovery: Eight Women’s Life Stories of Resilience and Recovery” and by UMI, a dissertation publishing company.

Suzanne would tell you her life’s mission is to help individuals who are suffering from addiction, in the many forms that it presents itself. She has dedicated herself to learning and teaching about addiction and recovery and lives a spiritual life inspired by the twelve steps of recovery.

Emma Cathey, LVN

Detox Supervisor

Emma Cathey is a dedicated and highly motivated licensed vocational nurse with over 15 years of experience in a variety of medical fields, including emergency, trauma, case management, mental health, chemical dependency, Detox Supervision and long term care facilities.

As the Detox Supervisor at New Dawn, Emma oversees day-to-day patient care in Detox.  Her roles include helping clients manage withdrawal symptoms, provide education regarding substance abuse and mental health and support clients as they work on their recovery.  When most clients are scared and not feeling their best, Emma provides compassionate support and encouragement and is grateful for the opportunity to help clients get a second chance at life.

Prior to working at New Dawn, Emma worked in various fields including the Emergency Room at Rideout Hospital in Marysville and most recently as the Assistant Director of Nursing at another chemical dependency treatment facility.  Emma graduated valedictorian from Kaplan College and plans to continue her education, with the goal of becoming a registered nurse addictions specialist.  Emma spends her spare time with her 5 dogs and 7 cats.

Dr. Susan Garcia-Swain, Board Certified Addictionologist

Staff Physician, Board Certified Addictionologist and Homeopathic Medicine Specialist

Dr. Susan Garcia-Swain is a homeopathic MD and an addiction treatment specialist. She was previously a staff physician at St. Peter’s Chemical Dependency Center in Olympia, Washington, as well as the Medical Director for Starting Point addiction clinic in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Garcia-Swain uses a combination of medical science and holistic methods in order to provide whole person healing during the detox and residential treatment phases of early recovery.  She customizes treatment for each individual by considering their unique mental, emotional and physical issues. She also provides medical evaluations and follow-ups, as well as medication management for those who are dually diagnosed.

Dr. Garcia-Swain is a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Her Post-doc training includes: University of Arizona Medical School, University of Southern California School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine and the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy.