Addiction Recovery in Sacramento Explains Lessons People Learn from Addiction

It’s hard to imagine anything good coming from addiction. But at our addiction recovery in Sacramento, the people who have gotten their lives on the right path frequently tell us that they learned important lessons in the process. Here are some of the things they say, which can be inspirational to someone who is still struggling with their chemical dependence:

“I’ve learned that I’m glad to be alive.” Tragically, drug addiction claims lives every day. People who have avoided that fate and gotten into recovery often look back and see how easily it could have been them.

“I now know who my true friends are.” The people who were encouraging them to use drugs weren’t really friends. They were “party acquaintances.” True friends make the hard decision to tell you that your behavior is hurting you and everyone around you. And then they’re there for you when decide it’s time to get help.

“I’ve learned that self-pity is dangerous.” They can now see that convincing yourself that life isn’t fair and that your only effective response is to self-medicate is just not true. Life can be hard, but there are much better ways to deal with the challenges you face, no matter how big they are.

“I’ve learned how selfish I was.” People with an addiction sometimes try to tell themselves that it’s only affecting them. Unfortunately, addiction impacts everyone around you. And by not taking action to resolve it, you’re essentially thinking only of yourself.

“I’ve learned that seeking help is a sign of strength.” There’s a myth that strong people “go it alone” when it comes to dealing with problems. The truth is, going it alone is easy. What’s more difficult — but the right thing to do — is to ask for assistance.

“I now know that accountability is key.” The people who succeed in recovery are those who gather up all the support they can from counselors, family members, and friends, and lean on them as needed, but who ultimately understand that they themselves are responsible for beating their addiction.

Learning from the Success of Others

One of the best places to find hope is in the experience of others who have beaten addiction and the lessons they’ve learned. We have plenty of inspiring success stories we can share with you. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction recovery in Sacramento.

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