Addiction Rehab in Sacramento Offers Tips for Rebuilding Damaged Relationships

Many of the people who seek help at our addiction rehab in Sacramento are not only looking for assistance with the chemical dependence, they are also struggling with how to repair relationships damaged by their addiction. While there is no “quick fix,” there are steps you can begin taking to re-establish the connections that have been broken.

Strategies for Saving Relationships

If your addiction has hurt your loved ones, here are some things you can do to set things right:

  • Open up. Addiction has a way of causing people to shut down emotionally. In order to reconnect with the people you care about, you have to be willing to be open and honest with them. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Express gratitude. Your loved ones have surely tried to help you as you have struggled with your addiction. Let them know that you appreciate all they have done. Cultivating a grateful heart is good for you and for those around you.
  • Work on being positive. It’s hard to be upbeat when you’re struggling with addiction, but the more you work at it, the more success you’ll have. And the people you are trying to reconcile with will be much more interested in being around you if they see you are trying to be positive.
  • Spend time together. There may be some awkward silences at first, but the more time you spend with the people you care about, the more quickly all of you will heal. In fact, sometimes sitting together in silence watching a movie can be even better than attempting to “work through” things.
  • Reach out (literally). Physical contact can be very healing. If your family and friends will allow it, hug them, hold their hand, put your arm around them. It’s amazing how an embrace can help close the gap between two people — literally and figuratively.
  • Keep loved ones in the loop on your recovery. As you encounter the inevitable ups and downs in recovery, let your family and friends know how you’re doing. Share your successes and be honest about your relapses. They’ll appreciate you keeping them informed.

You Can Rebuild the Bridges You Burned

At our addiction rehab in Sacramento, we let the people we work with know that the bridges they’ve burned can be rebuilt. We see it every day. It will take time, but with

patience and persistence, it can be done. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

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