Ways to Embrace Your Freedom From a Sacramento Detox Center

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Addictions are conditions that can be all consuming. They consume your money. They consume your relationships. And they consume your time… lots and lots of time. While you are battling an addiction, you tend to become unaware of how much of every day is devoted to getting, using, and being incapacitated by drugs.

When you start to make progress in your recovery and are no longer using, it can be surprising how much extra time you have on your hands. For many recovering addicts at our Sacramento recovery center, it can feel like too much time and cause a sense of boredom and restlessness. And those feelings can put you at risk of relapse if you don’t address them.

Put Your Time to Good Use

Here are some positive things you can do with your newfound freedom:

  • Try something new. Check out that restaurant that just opened. Visit a city you’ve never been to. Attend a local event that has always piqued your interest. Take up a new hobby. These kinds of activities are worth doing just for the fun of it, but there is another benefit they provide. There is a certain kind of “high” that comes with experiencing new things. And while it’s not the same as the feeling you got from using, it can be helpful in retraining your brain to get a positive “rush” from something other than chemicals.
  • Set (and achieve) some goals. Paint the bathroom. Run a seven-minute mile. Start learning Spanish. There’s nothing like accomplishing an objective to make you feel like your time has been well spent. And the beauty of this tactic is that when you achieve a goal, there is always another you can set.
  • Take up meditation. One of the goals of meditation is to learn to quiet your mind and free yourself from the pressure of your racing thoughts (like “I’m bored!”). Meditation provides many other benefits as well—lowering your stress level, increasing the clarity of your thinking, etc.
  • Helping others is not only good for them, it’s good for you, too. There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’ve made someone else’s life a little better. And, it tends to strengthen your belief that others will be there for you when you need them.

The True Meaning of Friendship

The people we work with at our Sacramento detox center find it a little unnerving at first to have so much time on their hands. But with a little thought and creativity, and support from our counselors, they come up with a number of positive ways to use their new independence from the substances that were consuming them. Before long they, like so many of us, are wishing they had more free time! Learn more about our programs today. Give us a call.

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