Marijuana Addiction Recovery

Although Marijuana is commonly viewed as a non addictive drug, many studies now show that marijuana addiction develops in approximately 4% of Americans and shares many symptoms of tobacco withdrawal.  The withdrawal effects include anger irritability, decreased appetite, insomnia, and drug cravings.  These symptoms tend to last between one to three weeks which can interfere with the attempt to quit using marijuana. Continued marijuana use develops increased risk for depression and abuse other drugs and alcohol.

Signs of Marijuana Use

  • paranoia
  • poor coordination
  • difficulty thinking and problem solving
  • problems with learning and memory
  • red, blurry, bloodshot eyes
  • constant, mucus-filled cough 
  • increased heartbeat
  • hunger, referred to as “munchies”
  • dry mouth
  • anxiety and fear
  • lack of motivation
  • ambivalent attitude

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Approach

The approach for treating someone with a marijuana addiction is very similar to treating someone with any other kind of drug or alcohol addiction.  Our medical team will first conduct an evaluation to make sure you are medically stable enough for admission (and do not require hospitalization).  Then there will be a brief observation period to determine whether or not Detox is necessary.  Once treatment begins in either a residential or outpatient setting, we will work with you on developing an individualized treatment plan. This will help you understand why you became dependent on marijuana in the first place, and how to replace your drug use with healthier activities and coping mechanisms.