Eating Disorder Awareness Month and Love Your Body Week 2013

The New Dawn Outreach Team was privileged to speak locally with several high schools, Sierra Community College, UC Davis and Sacramento State University. Talking about eating disorders can make people uncomfortable. Let’s face it; it’s not a fun topic! But at one time or another you might need to know what to look for. Aimed at reaching young teens, our outreach team integrates YouTube videos and games like “Have you Ever?” to normalize our everyday insecurities centered around body image and then delve into the mental health components that characterize eating disorders. A teacher from Bella Vista High School said, “This is the best presentation I’ve had in my class. It complements our curriculum so well, and gives great insight using mediums that the students already use.”

At the collegiate level, New Dawn integrated technology and put it in the hands of the students as they learn to take control of social media and spread a healthy voice for positive body image. 30 students at Sacramento State participated in text message polls, YouTube posting competitions and real-time tweets. The overwhelming positive response and participation tells us that we are meeting the needs of our local college students.

We are happy to bring this revolutionary presentation to our community and see it spark the interest of students.


Aaron Manus, Director of Marketing and Outreach

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