Bulimia Nervosa

What is Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that consists of episodes of excessive food intake alternating with periods of purging and/or restricting. As with most eating disorders, a negative view of one’s body shape and weight are the predominant measures of low self-worth that influence the eating disorder behaviors. who have bulimia may be of normal weight, or they may be under or overweight. Individuals struggling with this disorder often turn to food as a coping mechanism, and their brain chemistry becomes wired to provide them a sense of relief and calm when they go through the process of bingeing and purging.

Purging occurs when a person induces vomiting in order to prevent their bodies from digesting the thousands of calories that they consumed during their “bingeing” episode. As a result of this practice, individuals struggling with bulimia nervosa may eventually experience organ failure, advanced tooth decay, and erosion of their esophagus if they do not receive treatment necessary to stop these painful behaviors.

Bulimia Nervosa Warning Signs

  • wears baggy clothes to hide their body
  • skipping meals or restricting followed by excessive eating, often in private
  • feeling fatigued and tired
  • visibly unhealthy teeth (loss of enamel and oversensitive)
  • spending excessive time in the bathroom, especially after meals
  • frequenting fast food restaurants, or favoring high calorie “comfort” foods 
  • denial that an eating disorder may exist


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How Can Treatment Help?

The clinical team at Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center is made up of masters level and doctorate level therapists, a registered dietitian, a nutritionist, a Medical Director, and milieu staff all experienced in helping individuals who are struggling with an eating disorder to overcome these harmful behaviors and start living healthy and happy lives. We offer Residential, Partial Hospitalization (i.e. Day Treatment) and Intensive Outpatient levels of care at our program in Roseville California, as well as our sister facility in Sausalito, California.

Every treatment plan is individualized and patient centered, meal planning takes into account each person’s dietary preferences and limitations (such as being gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, etc.), and group therapy is conducted in small intimate groups to provide each patient with an opportunity to participate fully on a regular basis.

Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center is a local eating disorder treatment provider, with affiliated residential and outpatient programs in Sacramento, San Francisco, Roseville, Marin and Placer County, California. To find out more about how our anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating treatment programs can help you, Contact Us today or fill out the contact form in the right margin.  We accept all major insurances and offer flexible financing options.