Co-Occurring Disorders

The term co-occurring disorder describes the diagnosis of more than one mental health or chemical dependency condition occurring at the same time. Upwards of 60% of all individuals diagnosed with an eating disorder also have a co-occurring disorder that is getting in the way of them enjoying a healthy and peaceful life.  Often, the co-occurring disorders are the underlying cause of addiction.  Unfortunately, most recovery programs are not staffed properly and not trained to be able to diagnose co-occurring disorders, and so their efforts to help people overcome their addiction are rarely successful.

Psychiatric Treatment Services

Our Clinical team is comprised of a Psychiatrist, and Physician who is board certified in Addictionology, masters level therapists, and addiction counselor specialists.  Upon admission, they will conduct both a medical assessment and a Psychiatric evaluation, so that any underlying co-occurring disorders can be identified and incorporated into the treatment plan.  Follow-up appointments with our staff doctors will occur regularly if medically necessary, and medication monitoring will be provided throughout your stay.

Types of Co-occurring Disorders

Common co-occurring disorders that are diagnosed with individuals suffering from an eating disorder are: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions such as borderline personality or chronic self injury such as cutting.
We have doctorate and masters level therapists who have experience treating co-occurring disorders that often accompany the eating disorder behavior. We understand that it is extremely important to treat all conditions that are contributing to the eating disorder in order to give our patients their best chance of success after they graduate our program.