Positive Visualization While in Residential Treatment in Sacramento

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Positive Visualization While in Residential Treatment in Sacramento

Kate L.

July 19, 2023

Positive Visualization Can Help While in Residential Treatment in Sacramento

Positive visualization is a mental technique that is easy to perform and that can have a positive impact on addiction recovery. In fact, it can be used in virtually any area of life where change is needed. Consequently, we encourage the people we work with at our residential treatment in Sacramento to frequently and clearly picture the future they want for themselves.

The Many Benefits of Positive Visualization

As with just about any form of self-help, there are overblown claims about the power of creative visualization that surely don’t stand up to closer scrutiny. However, there is no denying that there are many very real benefits of holding in your mind an image of how you want your life to change. They include:

Improved concentration and focus.

The simple act of keeping an image in your mind for a period of time helps develop your ability to concentrate, which can help make you a better student or employee, and a better friend to the people you care about.

Greater confidence.

Repeatedly picturing yourself achieving a goal can create in you the unwavering sense that you can do it. And that confidence can greatly increase your odds of success.

Decreased stress.

Our minds can only hold onto one thought at a time. So, the minutes you spend focused on your visualization practice are minutes when stressful feelings are not dominating your thinking. Not only does this give you a welcome break from them, it can help you see them as they arise so that you can do a better job of simply acknowledging them and moving on to other thoughts.

Improved mood.

While there are many factors that affect our mood, it is true, to a degree, that you can “fake it until you make it.” While “faking it” may sound negative, the idea is really that you are being persistent about having a positive outlook, and over time, this persistence will pay off.

Enhanced motivation.

The more you picture a desired outcome, the more detail your brain puts into that image. And as that image “comes alive,” you are likely to find yourself more eager and motivated to achieve it.

Rehearsal of a desired behavior.

Elite athletes often use visualization to “walk through” their performance in advance, and they will tell you it helps them compete at a higher level. The same approach can be used in recovery. For example, if you picture yourself walking into a party, greeting friends, getting some appetizers and a glass of water, enjoying some conversation, and ultimately leaving without ever having gone near the liquor bottles on the counter, you are training yourself to do exactly that.

Picturing an Excellent Outcome

What do you want your life to look like in three months? Six months? Two years? Positive visualization, especially when used with other treatments, can be a helpful tool for turning that dream into reality. We strongly encourage people to make it part of their daily routine. Contact us today to learn more about our programs if you are seeking residential treatment in Sacramento.