Sacramento Detox Encourages Those in Recovery to Live Truthfully

Many people who have lived with drug or alcohol addiction, or are currently living with it, would say that they are “living a lie.” By that they mean that they are not being honest with their friends and family about what’s going on in their lives. And just as importantly, they are not being honest with themselves. At our Sacramento detox, we encourage people to embrace a life strategy of living truthfully.

How Does a Person Live Truthfully?

Living truthfully doesn’t simply mean not telling lies. It’s bigger than that. What does it look like? Here are some examples:

Comprehensive honesty
In order to live truthfully, you have to be honest not only in what you say and do, but in what you don’t say and don’t do as well. Withholding information about your wants and needs, your actions and reactions, is just as harmful in many cases as speaking outright lies. If people determine that you’re not fully honest, they don’t know whether to believe you are being truthful in any particular interaction.

Being you, alone or in a crowd
Are you a different person when you are alone as compared to when you are with others? Maybe kind and thoughtful on your own but tough and abrasive in a group? Putting on a mask before you leave the house isn’t healthy. In order to heal, you’ve got to expose the real you to the outside world.

Making authentic choices
Why do you dress the way you do? Listen to the music you listen to? To live truthfully, you have to make choices because you believe in them, not because you think other people do. Making decisions based on what’s expected of you by anyone is a recipe for disaster and disappointment.

Continually growing and evolving
It’s natural for people to be changed and enriched by their interactions with the world. To live truthfully is to allow that evolution to take place. If instead you’re holding on desperately to who you once were, you will find it hard to achieve or maintain recovery.

Honest Strategies for Genuine Recovery

At New Dawn, our addiction recovery programs are built around honesty—both yours and hours. We find that being truthful and transparent is the only way to truly heal. Is that an approach that can work for you? Get in touch today to learn more about us and our Sacramento detox.

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