Sacramento Detox Spotlights Alcohol’s Broken Promises

Alcohol makes a lot of promises to those who are addicted to it. However, as we point out to people at our Sacramento detox, it always breaks them. In order to get on the road to recovery, you have to confront those lies and start looking for the truth.

Here are some of the most common of alcohol’s broken promises:

  • “You will be the life of the party.” When you’re drinking, you may feel like you are incredibly witty and fun to be around, but if you ask your friends, they’ll probably tell you otherwise. The truth is that a person who is abusing alcohol becomes a burden on everyone around them.
  • “You will have great friendships.” You may have plenty of acquaintances who are willing to drink with you, but none of them are true friends if they continue to let you hurt yourself and your loved ones.
  • “You will have passionate relationships.” The image of a wild, drunken night with the object of your affection may sound appealing, but the reality of all the things you say and do while under the influence of alcohol — things you both regret later — isn’t quite such a pretty picture.
  • “You will sleep much better.” Anyone who has gone to bed drunk knows that the sleep you get is far from refreshing.
  • “You will advance your career.” The idea that you will get ahead at work because you’re willing to party with coworkers and clients anytime, anywhere, and are able to drink them all under the table simply is not true. Very quickly people will begin to worry that your addiction means you can’t be trusted with important responsibilities.
  • “You will get relief from your emotional pain.” Alcohol may blur and distort your pain, but it definitely doesn’t erase it. And getting drunk regularly does nothing to help you resolve the issues that are causing your pain.
  • “You will be happy.” Distracted? Maybe. Temporarily numbed? Perhaps. But alcohol will not make you happier. In fact, alcohol addiction is virtually guaranteed to destroy whatever happiness you have today and keep true happiness at arm’s length until you seek treatment.

Make a Promise to Yourself to Get Help

None of the promises alcohol makes to you will ever come to pass. That’s why you need to make a promise to yourself and your loved ones to get and stay sober. If you are looking for a Sacramento detox, give us a call to learn more about our programs.

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