Sacramento Recovery Shares What to Do Between Counseling Sessions

At our Sacramento recovery center, we always let the people we work with know that while therapy sessions are important during recovery, so is the time between sessions. You want to be sure to use that time in ways that help you continue your forward momentum.

Taking Responsibility for Your Recovery

The therapists and others on your care team provide much-needed support and encouragement as you work your way to better health and wellness. However, there are many things you can do on your own to increase your odds of success, including:

  • Start each day on a positive note by focusing for a few minutes on an empowering thought. For example, something like, “I can do this. I am strong and capable. Today will be a good day.”
  • Create a list of the things you are grateful for and refer to it often. It can be important things like the steadfast support of a family member, or simple things like the feeling of sunlight on your face as you go for a walk.
  • Set a small goal each day and then achieve it. The emphasis here is on “small,” because the point is to get used to that feeling of accomplishment so you develop a strong hunger for it.
  • Keep a recovery journal. Jot down some notes — daily if you can — about how you’re feeling and why you believe you’re feeling that way. Be honest with yourself, as this journal is meant for nobody’s eyes but yours.
  • Mentally replay your last visit with the therapist. What did you talk about? Why was that the focus of the session? What advice did you receive — and how has it affected you since the appointment?
  • Utilize your support network. Spend time with family, friends, a sponsor, or a spiritual teacher and talk with them about your progress, any setbacks, etc.
  • Put up, and add to, a bulletin board that has images and words that describe the life you are aspiring to live.
  • Use art, music, movement, or other forms of expression to “say” things you have trouble putting into words.
  • Create or update a plan for preventing a relapse. What seems to be most effective in keeping you confident and in control of your recovery? What activities, interactions, or thoughts bring you close to relapse? Use the answers to those questions to change your plan as needed.

Read about others who have overcome addiction or other obstacles in their life and take inspiration from their story.

Make the Most of Your Time

Obviously you spend far more time outside of your therapist’s office than in it. Be sure to make the most of the time between appointments. And, contact us today to learn more about our Sacramento recovery center and how we can help you get and stay clean and sober.

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