Sacramento Rehab Explains What Kids with Addiction Need to Hear from Parents

Communicating successfully with children and young adults can be challenging under any circumstances. Having a meaningful conversation with a child who is struggling with addiction can be especially difficult. However, maintaining your connection with your adolescent during this pivotal time is critical. The existence or absence of a relationship can make all the difference in their chances of recovering from the addiction. Consequently, at our Sacramento rehab we emphasize the importance of keeping the lines of communication open and explain that there are three things that kids need to hear from their parents.

3 Things Your Child Needs to Know When Fighting Addiction

While it’s not always clear that they are hearing you, be sure you clearly and frequently communicate the following to your kids:

  1. They are important to you and many others. Drug dependence can leave a person feeling that they have no value. And attempts to numb that feeling can deepen drug addiction. Be sure your child knows how much they mean not only to you, but to many other people in their life, from extended family to friends and fellow students or coworkers.
  2. You will help in any way you can when they are ready. It can be difficult to walk the line between periodically reminding your child that you are eager and ready to help, and coming across as though you are forcing them to take action when they may not yet be ready. But, it’s important that they know you are there for them.
  3. You know that in the end, they will have to do the work. Whether they speak the words or not, a child battling addiction is often thinking, “You don’t know how hard this is!” And if you have never fought an addiction, they are correct. Acknowledging that you can’t fully understand what they are going through but that you have confidence that they are up to the challenge can mean the world to them.

Any Communication is Better than No Communication

Many of the conversations you have with your child who is in the grip of an addiction will be uncomfortable. That’s a given. But it’s important to keep in mind that even your unpleasant interactions will likely have a hidden benefit, as they show your child that you care. The key is to be a available and to be a good listener.

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