Sacramento Rehab Shares Things a Person in Active Addiction Won’t Tell You

Keeping secrets comes with the territory when you have an addiction. After a while, you can tell lies without batting an eye. However, as the loved one of someone with an addiction, you are looking for the truth so that you can help them. At our Sacramento rehab, we encourage family and friends to talk with the person who has an addiction about their situation, but caution them to take the answers with a grain of salt.

Setting Your Expectations

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions about your loved one’s addiction. Just don’t expect to get a straight answer to any of the following:

“How often are you using?”

As you might expect, in most cases, there’s an inverse ratio at work here: the more often they’re using, the less likely they are to be honest with you about how often they’re using.

“What are you using?”

People with addiction tend to “downgrade” their use. For example, if they say they’re only smoking weed, they’re probably doing some “harder” substances like cocaine as well. If they claim they just have a few beers a night, it’s likely that they’re choosing not to say that that’s in addition to a fair amount of distilled spirits as well.

“Are you high right now?”

People who are simply partying may be happy to exclaim, “Yes, I am so stoned right now!” But, people with an addiction typically want to keep their status under wraps. So, if they say they are not high, it’s very possible that they are.

“What problems has your addiction caused?”

The answer here is almost sure to be “None,” even if their drug or alcohol use has cost them their job, romantic relationships, etc.

“How are you funding your habit?”

Some people with an addiction can maintain a job and therefore pay for their habit. But many addicts have to commit crimes of various kinds to keep the drugs flowing. But, they are probably not going to admit that to you.

Reading between the Lines

Unfortunately, in order to understand what’s going on in the life of someone who is struggling with addiction, you often have to read between the lines since they are unlikely to be truthful with you. But there’s one question that can almost always be answered with “Yes” if you feel the need to ask it, and that’s, “Do you need professional help?” Contact us today to learn more about our Sacramento rehab.

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