Sacramento Rehabilitation Centers—Managing a Loved One’s Addiction

For many people, substance abuse can cause problems at home, school, and work. It can affect relationships, leaving everyone involved feeling helpless, isolated, and ashamed. If you’re worried that a friend or family member is using drugs, it’s important to know that help is available. Learning about the nature of the addiction, how it develops, what the signs are, and what reputable rehabilitation centers in Sacramento, CA can do for your loved one will give you a better understanding of the situation and how to best deal with it.

Sacramento Rehabilitation Centers—Managing a Loved Ones Addiction

The signs to look out for

Despite the fact that different drugs cause different physical effects, the symptoms of dependency are similar in most cases. DUI Foundation identifies the most common signs of alcohol or drug dependence to look out for in one of their articles. See if you can recognize them in your loved one:

Early on in the development of a dependency, cravings are the most common characteristic in users. Cravings can be strongest at certain times of the day, particularly after certain activities associated with the drug’s use, such as eating or upon waking. The drug eventually becomes part of a person’s daily routine. If this habit is interrupted or brought into question, the user often becomes annoyed or angry.

Other common signs that a person has an addiction include:

Loss of control – engaging in risky behaviors while under the influence.

Compulsive preoccupation – worrying compulsively about getting a “fix” and spending a lot of their time thinking about the drug.

Continued use of the drug of choice despite negative consequences – losing control of the ability to monitor how much and how often the user takes their drug.

Loss of motivation – losing interest in activities that the user enjoyed prior to addiction

If you see one or a combination of these signs in your loved one, it may be time to confront the addiction with an intervention. By holding an intervention, you can bring light to the situation and move toward seeking professional help.

Do you need help conducting an intervention?

Drug addiction is something you should never prolong—don’t wait until it’s too late. There’s no time to waste sitting around, waiting for your loved one to change all by him or herself. If you don’t know how to begin the intervention process, don’t hesitate to call established Sacramento rehabilitation centers like any of New Dawn Treatment Centers’ branches to talk to one of their trained specialists.

(Source: Characteristics of Alcohol / Drug Dependence, DUI Foundation)

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