Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is very effective in helping to prevent relapse from occurring. It is an evidence-based treatment approach that explores a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to identify how unhelpful or faulty thinking patterns contribute to unhealthy behaviors and increased negative emotional experiences.

Being Proactive in Recovery

Through CBT, individuals can learn how to proactively apply a range of different skills in order to identify and correct behaviors that are influencing their drug or alcohol abuse.  These relapse prevention skills include better self-monitoring, and learning how to avoid people, places and things that may increase one’s cravings. The ultimate goal of CBT is to help individuals develop coping strategies so that they can reduce and manage the cravings that will inevitably occur from time to time.

Creating Effective Coping Strategies

The treatment focuses on identifying an individual’s core beliefs and distorted thinking patterns and attempts to restructure one’s thoughts in order to promote positive changes in emotional state and behavior. CBT also helps individuals not only enhance their self-control capabilities, but also instructs them on how to anticipate likely problems and struggles that could arise under various potentially harmful circumstances.  Once they have learned how to anticipate variables that will influence their negative behaviors associated with drug and alcohol abuse, they become better equipped at avoiding these situations so that a relapse becomes much less likely to occur.

Using CBT Skills to Stay Sober

Individuals struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction to meth, marijuana, nicotine, cocaine, and other drugs have had better outcomes with their long term sobriety after learning how to change their behaviors and cope with cravings.  Research has shown that CBT skills stay with an individual long after they have graduated from an addiction treatment program, and it is perhaps the most effective treatment approach that can be applied to help individuals stay sober and free from addiction.

New Dawn has licensed therapists who are trained in the CBT approach.  We also incorporate additional elements into our treatment approach, in order to help an individual learn multiple coping skills for avoiding relapse.  These include experiential activities, family therapy, and intensive individual counseling and treatment planning. If you or someone you know may need help getting sober, call us today for a free confidential evaluation.


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