Relapse Prevention & Coping Skills

Because the rates of relapse are so high for most individuals (close to 60% for those who complete a standard 30 day residential rehab program), relapse prevention should be an essential component of any recovery program. Our participants will learn that for many, relapse is a common struggle that is part of the recovery process. We prepare our residents in case a lapse occurs by helping them understand that feeling guilt or shame for “failing” to stay sober will only make them want to drink or use more.

Lifetime Aftercare Support 

Most importantly, we are there for our alumni if and when a relapse occurs, with our 1 year guarantee for 90 day program graduates, as well as with our lifetime aftercare program that meets weekly at two locations in the Sacramento Area.  And if a relapse leads to chronic substance abuse, we have every level of care necessary to help you get back into your recovery.

Relapse Prevention Specialists

We use Cognitive-behavioral techniques to teach clients how to recognize signs of emotional and mental relapse, such as feelings and thought processes that place them at higher risk for relapse. We also teach our clients coping skills to combat cravings and other mental urges, and they are encouraged to create a new life environment where it is easier for them to avoid high-risk situations and relapse triggers. We also focus on stress relief techniques, because stress is a major contributing factor for many relapses. Finally, as part of the Relapse Prevention program, we teach our clients that learning to be honest with themselves and making relaxation a part of their daily routine are key components of staying and finding peace.


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