Holistic Experiential Therapies

Why Offer Holistic Experiential Therapies?

That is a great question.  If you have done any research on treatment programs, you will notice that most programs do not offer them, because they are expensive and not evidence-based.  Typically only luxury rehabs that charge $1000 – $2000 per day will offer these activities.  We offer them for a few important reasons. First, we want our clients to have a great experience while at New Dawn, and experiential activities are fun and different.  Second, we feel it is important to give our clients new ideas about how they can spend their free time in healthy ways when they leave our programs.  Third, we don’t think it is fair to put our clients in 12-step groups for two hours a day every day, because 12-step is not treatment, and is most effective only after someone graduates a program and is interested in ongoing support in their sobriety.

Treating the Whole Person 

New Dawn’s drug and alcohol rehab and eating disorders programs provide access to experiential therapies throughout the treatment process because we understand that treatment, while extremely rewarding and often life-saving, can also be mentally and emotionally taxing at times. We believe that treating the whole person, and not just the symptoms of their illness, are hallmarks of a successful treatment experience, and so we offer these holistic therapies as a way of healing one’s entire mind, body and spirit during the recovery process. Providing these extracurricular activities in combination with intensive group and individual therapy has proven to be extremely effective for our program participants.

Variety of Holistic Therapies Offered

We like to break up the intensive treatment schedules with a healthy combination of experiential therapies that are sometimes relaxing, often empowering, and always well-received.  Most but not all of these classes are offered at all of our programs (see a program curriculum for details). An example of the experiential activities that we offer include: Equine Assisted therapy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Dance Movement therapy, Expressive Arts, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, traditional Yoga, and Life Coaching. All of our experiential activities are lead by licensed or certified specialists in their respective fields who have a passion for their work.


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