Tai Chi

Tai-ChiTai Chi at New Dawn offers its clients an introduction into the basic principles of Tai Chi and the opportunity to experience a new level of focus through breathing technique, core body movements and physical and mental conditioning.

Particular focus is given to awareness of one’s self and the idea of how changing perception can change one’s reality and physical state. This self awareness is developed by having each individual take inventory of their physical and mental state before, during and after the session which includes basic tai chi movements, cardio warm up, partner exercises, and performance of the first Tai Chi set as a group. The goal of the class is two-fold. First, is to help cleanse the mind, body and Chi through healthy physical and mental activity; which helps circulate the lymphatic, cardiovascular, respiratory, and energetic systems. Second is to bring awareness to the subtle but powerful experiences life has to offer us every day when we can focus on the now and live in the moment.

Tai Chi at New Dawn reinforces the importance of positive thought and the experience of accomplishing something new.