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Tips for Returning to Work After Treatment from a Sacramento Rehab

Kate L.

June 11, 2023

Congratulations on accomplishing one of the most significant goals in your life by completing your treatment at a Sacramento rehab and achieving sobriety. Now that you’ve returned to work, you may encounter new challenges, particularly when faced with the temptation to drink in various situations such as after-work gatherings, holiday parties, or celebratory team events. However, there are effective strategies you can employ to maintain your sobriety while navigating these scenarios.

  1. Graceful exits: Instead of relying solely on leaving an event involving alcohol as your only strategy, consider learning how to gracefully say goodbye to a few close associates and quietly slip out the door. This approach can reduce stress and allow you to exit without drawing unnecessary attention.
  2. Know your limits: You have put in the hard work and gained self-awareness during your recovery journey. Recognize your triggers and determine the level of exposure you can handle. It might be possible for you to be around others who are drinking, as long as you stay away from the immediate vicinity of the bar. Understanding yourself and taking proactive steps to avoid triggers is essential.
  3. Maintain physical well-being: Hunger and dehydration can weaken your willpower. If you anticipate being in an environment where people will be consuming alcohol, ensure that you don’t go to the event on an empty stomach. Stay fueled up by having a proper meal beforehand and staying hydrated throughout the gathering.
  4. Engage your mind: Boredom can make you more susceptible to temptation. Combat boredom by actively seeking out engaging conversations or challenging yourself to learn more about your coworkers. Keeping your mind occupied and stimulated reduces the likelihood of feeling the urge to drink.
  5. Open up about your struggle: If appropriate, consider discussing your past enjoyment of drinking and the challenges you face when witnessing others consume alcohol. This approach can help alleviate some of the pressure you feel, as it allows you to acknowledge your emotions while your mind counters with a wiser perspective. The goal is not to make those who are drinking uncomfortable but rather to release some of the internal tension.

Supporting Your Successful Return to Work

At New Dawn Sacramento rehab center, we understand the difficulties you may encounter when returning to work and participating in events where alcohol is present. Our programs are designed to equip you with the necessary mental and emotional tools to effectively handle such situations. Reach out to us at New Dawn today to learn more about our comprehensive support system and how we can assist you on your journey.

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