Tips for Returning to Work After Treatment from a Sacramento Rehab

You’ve achieved one of the biggest and most important goals of your life. You went to a Sacramento rehab and through hard work and determination you achieved sobriety. Now you’ve returned to work and found you face a new challenge. How are you supposed to avoid drinking when the temptation seems to be ever present— from after work get togethers to holiday parties to popping the cork on some champagne to celebrate a major team achievement?

Strategies for Staying Sober on the Job

Here are some things you can do to protect the sobriety you have worked so hard to achieve:

  • Learn to escape gracefully. Leaving an event that involves alcohol doesn’t have to be your only strategy. But, if you choose to take that approach in a particular instance, it can be less stressful if you learn how to say goodbye to a few close associates and subtly slip out the door.
  • Know your limits. You’ve done the work. You know what your triggers are and how much of them you can tolerate. Maybe you can be around others who are drinking as long as you’re not in close proximity to the bar. Understanding yourself and taking action to ensure you aren’t tripped up by your triggers is key.
  • Stay fueled up. When we are hungry and/or dehydrated, our willpower tends to be at its lowest. If you know you’ll be heading into an environment where people will be drinking, be sure you don’t go on an empty stomach.
  • Engage your brain. When we’re bored, it’s easier to be tempted. Keep boredom at bay by seeking out interesting conversations or challenging yourself to learn more about your coworkers. The more active your mind is, the less likely you are to feel the need to drink.
  • Talk about your temptation. If it’s appropriate based on who you’re talking with, acknowledge that you used to enjoy imbibing and that seeing others doing so is challenging. The point isn’t to make those who are drinking feel uncomfortable, but just to release a little of the pressure you
    feel as your emotions pull you in one direction and your mind wisely counters by pulling you in another.

Helping You Make Work Work

At our Sacramento rehab, we understand how difficult it can be to return to work and attend functions where people are drinking. But our programs give you the mental and emotional tools you need to deal with those scenarios effectively. Get in touch today to learn more about New Dawn.

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