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What is Personal Empowerment? A Detox Program in Sacramento Explains.

Lindsay Martinez

December 16, 2022

One of the most emotionally painful and frustrating things about addiction is the feeling that you’ve lost control of your life. While that sensation may actually seem positive initially, since “losing yourself” in addiction means temporarily avoiding any unpleasant aspects of your life, ultimately you realize that the inability to choose your path in life can be more debilitating than any of the other challenges you face. At our detox program in Sacramento, we explain that personal empowerment is essential to recovery.

How to Develop a Sense of Empowerment

Personal empowerment—the understanding that your decisions affect the course of your life—is a state of mind that anyone can achieve. One of the best ways to do that is to ask yourself a set of questions regularly as you work your way through treatment and the days, months, and years that follow. Here are some of the prompts that can help you get, and keep, control of your life:

Why am I changing my behavior? 

The simple answer is because you want a healthier, happier life. But asking yourself this question repeatedly helps you go deeper into your motivation to recover so that you can amplify those feelings and help yourself stay strong.

Who am I recovering for?

There are many people in your life who will be affected by your recovery, from your spouse or partner to your kids to your family and friends. But ultimately, you need to be getting treatment because it’s what you want and need. Looking to please others is a faulty strategy that can easily fall apart since their perspective and expectations are beyond your control.

Is my ability to control my cravings increasing?

Obviously it’s important that the answer to this question is “Yes.” If it’s not, something about how you are approaching your recovery has to change. And, keep in mind that this question is just as relevant after you complete treatment. You should forever be developing greater levels of self-control.

Am I moving toward the positive life I’ve envisioned?

Yes, there will likely be setbacks on your road to recovery. But if you keep your mind’s eye on a better life and keep striving to get there, those obstacles won’t hold you back for long. There will be times when you make great strides in your recovery and times when you feel like you’re crawling at best, but continual progress is the goal.

Taking Charge of Your Life

Learning that you have the power to create meaningful, lasting change in your life is the antidote to feeling stuck and powerless. A skilled care team can help you get started on that journey and work with you along the way to help you maintain your momentum. Contact us today to learn more about our detox program in Sacramento.